3 Sofia - Hofstad from Bozeman, Montana

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I grew up mostly in Bozeman, Montana until 2021. I went to college a while in Boise Idaho and spent time with grandparents there. Now (2023) I am in Hawaii at a YWAM facility training for missionary work.

Sofia posing in Hawaii 2023
Feburary 2023
Sofia with friends in HawaiiSofia swimming withfriends in HawaiiSofia with friends laughing in Hawaii
Hanging out with friends

Sofia working at the coffee shop in HawaiiSofia with more friends in Hawaii
Sofia in the worship tent in HawaiiSofia and her group learned of their New Zealand assignment
These picture are me and my friends training for our assignments. I work at the coffee shop as well.

Sofia hanging out with mules in Hawaii.Sofia with family in Hawaii
I got to have family members visit me in Hawaii from Feb. 27th - March 6th, 2023.

Singing in Norwegian

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