The farm from 1904 and is known as the Hofstad Farm.

This is the original location of the home where Gunder Hofstad homesteaded in 1904.

  • The first house burnt down, then this one was built on the same location in 1958.
  • This house was refinished on the exterior in 2019-2020.
  • The Hofstad Brothers (Gunder's sons) lived in this house until about 1998.

We continue to have family get-togethers at the farm. We like to drive around the farm with the truck, side-by-side, 4-wheeler, 3-wheeler, dirt bike, tractor or whatever other fun toy. The farm is a lot of work, but also very fun to be on!!

Arlan driving tractor in the Oklee parade

Arlan Hofstad


We haven't quite figured out what he does yet.

Glenn helping Arlan planting

Glenn Hofstad

Retired Farmer

Dad has been retired for a few years. He was a owner / operator of a poulet (chicken) raising operation and a farmer.

Jared holding an armadillo 2015

Jared Hofstad


Jared lives a few miles down the road from the Hofstad Farm. He is the middle child of three to Glenn & Linda.