Hofstad Family

We are the Hofstad Family of Northwest Minnesota. We are decendants of the Hovstad (Hofstad) Family in Aust-Agder, Norway.

Our homestead started in 1904 in Northwest Minnesota. Our ancestors imigrated here and started a farm with grain and livestock. Eventually the culture diversified and some of us tried other means of making a living. But as the saying goes it is hard to take the farm out of the boy!

  • The picture to the left was taken during a visit to Norway
  • Glenn, Arlan and Jared went to see the "old country" and visit the old Hovstad gård

We hope to continue to learn more about our relatives in southern Norway and wherever the search leads to. We enjoy culture and finding new people or ideas.

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Some of our favorite music. May include folk "old time" or bluegrass. We tend to like music and musicians. We have and had many musicians in our extended family.

Family Tree

Hoftad Family Tree with a large amount of somehow "connected" others from our corner of northwest Minnesota. Password protected page

Hunting Pages

See our hunting pages. A place to show off our great deer hunting in northwestern Minnesota.


Other extended family members may have some pictures here.


Check out Find A Grave, founded by Jim Tipton and now owned by Ancestry.com. Use it to find your relatives cemetery information in our area.

Family Photos

Below are a variety of our family pictures.