Glenn Hofstad

the father of our Hofstad family in NW Minnesota

2010 kids with Santa at dad's house
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Glenn with his parents and growing up.

The song that is playing is by Garth Brooks ("the Gift"). Glenn likes it, especially during the Christmas Holiday! The audio controls below will stop it if you wish.

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3 cousins all born in 1942
These 3 guys are cousins and were born in 1942

About Glenn

Glenn spoke mostly Norwegian until he started school, and even then he liked to use Norwegian at first. He started first grade at what is now the Hickory Townhall with Miss Hazel Haugen as the teacher and continued on in country school second grade through the eighth grade at what is now the Deer Park Townhall. He and his two sisters, Caroline and Ione, had to walk two miles to get to the schoolhouse, unless he was able to go across country. Some of his other teachers were Armilla Pugh, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Myer, Ruth Johnson and Miss Mickelson. He continued his High School in Oklee, MN and graduated in 1960. Throughout growing up their whole family enjoyed many visits with grandparents, relatives, neighbors and going to church functions.
He has done some kind of farm work all his life. As a youngster he helped his father and uncles doing farm work, such as cultivating, milking cows, many parts of the haying operation and holding grain sacks during threshing. Later he got work with neighbor farmers. He worked for Lyle and Muriel Mandt for about thirty years in a chicken pullet raising operation. There he helped to raise day old chicks to ready-to-lay pullets. He spent about ten years until retirement as co-owner of that same operation. In 1996 he purchased his grandfather's (Gunder Hofstad) homestead, which will be celebrating it's century farm this 2005. The farm was actually homesteaded in 1904 by Gunder Hofstad, his grandfather.
The first car Glenn ever drove was his dad's 1937 Chevrolet. The first car he owned was a 1953 Pontiac. When he was growing up as a child they did not have electricity until 1960. They carried lots of water and wood to the house each day. His first experience driving a tractor was Marlan Skreland's "B" Allis during threshing at his grandfather's farm. He was drafted into the Army in 1964. There he served in Berlin and was discharged in 1966. He saw the Berlin Wall several times, which has now been taken down. In 1967 he met and married his wonderful wife Linda Poppenhagen and they had three sons (Arlan, Jared and Robert) and as of 2005 have five grandchildren (Olivia, Sofia, Steven, Gloria and Orin).
Glenn and Linda are members of Oak Park Lutheran Church, where he has done the lawn mowing job for about thirty years and held various other elected positions of the church, as of 2005 he is one of the deacons. He is a supervisor on the Deer Park Township Board and Secretary / Treasure of the Pennington County Farmers Union and President of the Highlanding Local Farmers Union and President of the Setesdal Laget of America.
He enjoys heritage and genealogy and old things, which is why this is written to pass on to the next generations. He is a director on the board of the Clearwater Heritage Association. The Clearwater Lutheran Church is where he was baptized and confirmed. Glenn and Linda have an old farmhouse that is furnished with antiques, which brings back memories of the good ol' days. He also has two older tractors (a WC Allis and an M Farmall), two old Ford pickup trucks (heavy duty 3/4 tons '72 & '76), a handfull of old Arctic Cat snowmobiles and a Polaris (1970s) and a few other old things that are fun to use and have around. He enjoys listening and dancing to old time music, watching the Minnesota Twins baseball or Vikings football and deer hunting with the rest of the crew.
Glenn and Linda live in their home in Deer Park Township, Trail, MN, on their 320 acre farm. The Lord has provided them with a good life and they thank Him for it. They look forward to retirement and visiting with relatives and friends.

dad and mom hugging in the office

About Linda

Linda worked at Digi-Key Corp. in Thief River Falls, MN.
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M and H Chicken Farm

Lyle Mandt and Glenn Hofstad owned M & H Chicken farm. It was built in 1966 to house a flock of 6,500 breeder hens. It was converted in 1970 to 12,800 caged layers. Mabel Hofstad is employed as caretaker and egg picker. The business is located on the Ole Hofstad farm in Deer Park Township.

dad and mom hugging in the office
Ole and Lyle visiting in the kitchen in July of 1960

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